Educational seminars are a great way to learn about new skills without a huge time commitment – so minimum input but maximum gain! Our seminars are usually 1-2 days and offer the participants access to trained psychologists experienced in the topic.

The Handy Tools for Anxiety

This two-day weekend seminar will focus on identifying how different people experience anxiety and how to effectively manage your unique experience in your daily life.

A Recipe to Beat Down Depression

Depression is incredibly common and most people will experience it at least once in their lifetime. This one-day weekend seminar will help you explore your own personal experience of depression and will provide you with some hands-on skills to help you beat down that depression.

Addictions, Addictions, Addictions – Ending the cycle

The cycle seems to never end. And it can be devastating. So how do we stop the merry-go-round? Our trained psychologists have extensive experience in helping people with their addictions, whatever the substance. From our experience, identifying the need that the substance is filling is essential to any successful outcome. Come explore your unique experience with addiction and it’s underlying issues.

Understand your Love Language

Based on Dr Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, this one-day seminar will help you discover how you receive love from others and how others receive love from you. Understanding the love languages of those close to you will allow you to love and feel loved in return.

The Anger Dance

Ever had the same argument over and over again? Do you struggle to express your anger in appropriate ways, or feel like you shouldn’t get angry at all? Come learn the importance of listening to the emotion of anger and how to adjust your steps so that your anger dance is more of a waltz rather than a mosh pit.


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